As a baby, Kathy Hepinstall was once thrown out with the bath water. This experience shaped her life and art. She grew up in Texas but eventually escaped after earning a MASTER’S DEGREE at the UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON. Later, she worked for DMB&B, LARSEN COLBY AND STEIN ROBAIRE HELM (all Los Angeles agencies), then freelanced for a number of years, during which she wrote her first two novels, THE HOUSE OF GENTLE MEN (2000) AND THE ABSENCE OF NECTAR (2001).

THE HOUSE OF GENTLE MEN was a finalist in the Penn Faulkner Awards West. A perfect storm of serendipity and good timing made it #1 on the LA Times Bestseller list.


Her third novel, PRINCE OF LOST PLACES, was published in 2003 and has been optioned as a movie, along with The House of Gentle Men. Kathy’s work has appeared in ONE SHOW, CLIOS, CANNES, CA, NYAD, KELLY AWARDS, TIME MAGAZINE’S TEN BEST CAMPAIGNS OF THE YEAR, and also in ARCHIVE magazine. Her short film, PEE SHY (directed by Deb Hagan) won first place in the national NO SPOT ADVERTISING AWARDS and was sold to HBO Latin America.

She was a WRITER-AT-LARGE at TEAM ONE 2003-2005. She has freelanced from 2005 to present.

She ran out of highlights in 2007, but expects more will be coming soon.

(UPDATE):  Wait!  New Highlight!  BLUE ASYLUM on sale now on Amazon!

Wieden and Kennedy (Portland, NY, England, Amsterdam), Crispin Porter Bogusky, Goodby Silverstein, Fallon, Saatchi and Saatchi (LA, NY), BBH, Publicis, Martha Stewart, Cliff Freeman, Hal Riney, Hill Holiday, Ground Zero, DDB Needham, Strawberry Frog, Et. Al

Hardee’s, Pizza Inn, Nike, Clothestime, Keds, Apple, Microsoft, Citibank, Pioneer Car Stereos, Ikea, T-Mobile, Lexus, Nissan, Toyota, Hyundai, Kia, Acura, Jaguar, Soy Joy, Pom Tea, Lean Cuisine, Weight Watchers, Walmart, Wells Fargo, Starbucks, Heineken, Coca-cola, Taco Bell, Play Station, Yahoo, Best Western, Ritz Carlton, Hyatt, Wendy’s, Smith Barney, Knowledge Adventure, Build a Bear, Silk Soy milk, Miller, AOL, Challege Butter, Gold’s Gym, Levis, Lifesavers, American Eagle, Hewlitt Packard, Motorola, Vive Pro, Hearts on Fire diamonds, St. Luke’s Hospital, Merrill Lynch, Eastern Bank, Aquos TV, Tazo Tea, Lexus, Boss, Day Runner, Tostidos Tortilla Chips, Gatorade, Wrangler.


§ 6 Responses to Bio-Contact

  • wendy owen says:

    This is a very impressive resume. Really? Not a single highlight since 2007?? I find that very hard to believe.

  • bridget says:

    I remember your client Jaguar. That was the coolest ever. It was very cool of you to get that for B.J.’s graduation present. For one night he got to feel special. I don’t think anyone in the history of Beauregard parish ever got a cooler gift. That kid earned it just surviving his childhood let alone graduating. Just goes to show you,with determination you can over come anything. You are a good person Kathy.

  • Josh Sisco says:

    Can I steal your identity? (just kidding)
    but seriously….can I?

  • Mocha says:

    Our book club is sharing the Book of Polly this Thursday at 7:00 pm central time… have time to join in the discussion?

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