Run free, Blue Asylum

May 17, 2012 § 8 Comments

Well, here it is.  My final Oprah ad, after the first two didn’t exactly bring her running/digging/safecracking. A book is like a child and I can only do so much before I send it into the world, and just hope it does okay and meets nice people and doesn’t fall in with the wrong crowd or drink too many Red Bull-and-vodkas or handle rattlesnakes in religious ceremonies or experiment with that drug from Brazil that wipes your memory or pass out in nightclubs or set fires or shoplift or run into that whore book Fifty Shades of Gray and become a whore itself.  At a certain point, I have to realize, I am just the parent. Go live your life, little novel. And try to call once in a while.


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§ 8 Responses to Run free, Blue Asylum

  • Gayla Collins says:

    Our onpowchwings reading group will handle it with care and discuss it with love. I have told anyone that would listen about your book in my attmept to be to be a good fairy godmother. By putting it in the hands of others who wouldn’t have known about it, I am hoping they will tell another and another will tell another and so on and so on.

    The best;

  • Claire Grasse says:

    And please, dear book, don’t hang out with that Twilight crowd. Your mother raised you better than that. Live long. Prosper. We believe in you.

  • Saintly Mother says:

    My Baby is a good Mommie – a better one than I ever was. As you well know, “fly little birdie” was not in my vocabulary. I am a proud grandmother of your four off-spring – especially BLUE ASYLUM.

  • Kelly says:

    Who’s next? I’m pretty sure Ellen DeGeneres lives in the hood.

  • jeff says:

    Kathy, you and Sting are cut from the same cloth. set ’em free.

  • Carla says:

    Haha! I just finished Blue Asylum and loved it so much that i immediately turned to the internet to find out more about you and i find … you’re also funny?! Hooray! Also, i like that you wrote -and either on purpose or not – “Gray” because the title of the book is “Grey” and when did Grey with an ‘e’it become acceptable? I only accept Crayola spellings, circa 1980. : ) Great book – I’m looking forward to reading all of yours!

    • Hey Carla, welcome! I actually get the Grey/gray thing mixed up constantly. And the Blond/blonde thing. I try not to show how funny I am in my books, for fears of lawsuits over reader’s dying of amusement. I prefer to write extremely depressing and hopeless fiction in which everyone dies. What part of the country are you from? Cheers – Kathy

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