Fellow Writers, Take Heart! Ten Reasons

March 12, 2012 § 18 Comments

1.   Subways, waiting rooms, verandas, beds by windows, death row, beaches so quiet you can hear a hermit crab dragging its shell, and hotel rooms in a new and disorienting time zone still beg for something to read.

2.    You can write a story, a screenplay, a novel or a poem  without any startup money at all.  Not so if you want to establish your own clothing line, market an energy drink or build a better moon that is always full for madmen and lovers.

3.   Sometimes when I watch a video I think, I wish this video would hurry up.  I never think that when reading a story. A story always hurries up when I do.

4.  The stories you write that no one ends up reading are like lost balloons…they color an unglimpsed world.

5.   In the past, unless you were a bestselling author, chances were your book would eventually go out of print.  And that was the hardest thing to tell someone. That sinking feeling you got.  The note of failure in your voice. How’s my baby doing? Well, it grew up and joined a gang and was killed in a shootout, thanks for asking. Now, with the rise of digital publishing and publishing on demand, books won’t go out of print. You never have to have that funeral.

6.   A guy wrote a movie in a bar in Wisconsin and Clint Eastwood bought it and didn’t change a word.

7.   Clint Eastwood will never die.

8.   Once created, memorable characters remain spiritually underfoot, there when you are making an omelet or writing a check.

9.   Kindle, Nook, Ipad. Words have proven they can take whatever form their century demands of them. Books might go away, but words will stay.  They are the living chrysalis inside whatever the cocoon might be.

10.  Writing makes you better. It upgrades your plasma. In certain cannibal tribes of New Guinea, writer meat is considered a delicacy.


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