Don’t Call Me a Hero

October 15, 2011 § 6 Comments

Sometimes a writer has to stop and get her hands dirty and do something good.  Like pet a dawg or help a little old lady cross the street or drop a bag of M&M’s on a kid stuck down a well. My friend Sarah and her live-in love were the modern day Romeo and Juliet, kept apart by their domesticated varmints and their nightmarish litterbox.  Each of those horrific clumps of litter was a petite-sized Capulet and Montague keeping them apart. I could see a terrible ending playing out just like in Romeo and Juliet:  Sarah taking poison and her fiance coming home and thinking she was dead and poisoning the cats and calling it a day. I had to stop this fateful trajectory. I could have written an inspiring novel like The Domesticated Varmints of Madison County, but instead I sent them this little number. It automatically curates and contains whatever the varmints leave, depositing it all in a convenient chamber where it is kept from relationship-dampening mischief until trash day rolls around. Problem, solved. *I am not a paid spokesman for the Domesticated Varmint Relationship Saver™


§ 6 Responses to Don’t Call Me a Hero

  • Monique O'Brien Domian says:

    So Kathy, it happens that I work for Houghton Mifflin (HMH Education, not Trade). Be that as it may, I pre-ordered Blue Asylum from Amazon which was actually kind of stupid because I get a 50% employee discount on HMH books. Go figure. In any case, I have all your previous books and look forward to BA. Obviously I’m a fan of your work and happen to be one of those spurious “friends” on Facebook. There are three people in this world we both know. I also made your 11 Subscribers list which personally I will regard as an exclusive club. I enjoy your blog. You’re a goofball. I like the way you think and I suspect I will happily read anything else you ever publish.

    • Hey Monique, thank you so much for stopping by! I really appreciate it. Yes, this is a very exclusive club! So we’ve never met? Where do you live? thank you for buying all my books…there are members of my family that don’t even have all my books (no names mentioned…this time)

  • bridget says:

    Hey hey i read em i was just to broke to buy em lol. And they were great. But now that im rolling on the big bucks since I sold a bale of hay to a texan rancher in desperate needs. I think I think I’ll purchase the next one 😉

  • bridget says:

    Lol Ill make sure our library always has your books in stock

  • Scott says:

    As you know, I have read some of your wonderful work, but I am woefully behind in reading your entire catalog, and here’s where I need advice: I am currently working on my own project with mismatched yet probably destined-for-each-other lovers, and I fear reading Blue Asylum will unduly influence me. Do you recommend I push forward anyway, with this post acting as an I-told-you-to-stop-me-when-you-had-the-chance-now-I’m-stealing-your-best-parts warning, or maybe just call the hyphen-police on me now and lock me up? If the latter, what do you recommend I bring along to read?

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